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Physical Activity - Tips for Children

Find tips to help you and your children get active!

Being active every day can some times be a tough task. With a little planning, you can find easy ways for you and your children to be active. And the best part is… it’s fun too! Aim for activities that get their bodies moving, cause them to sweat and breathe harder. Set a good example by being an active role model yourself.


  • Build physical activity into your daily routine. Plan to walk your children to and from school. It’s a great way to start the day, and it’s good for the environment too. Learn more at Active and Safe Routes to School.
  • Find out what your children like to do. Physical activity doesn’t just mean playing sports. Learn about what’s available in your community and sign up.
  • Turn off the screens. Swap screen time for more active time. The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth (5-17 years) recommends no more than 2 hours per day of recreational screen time.
  • Play with your children. Choose a variety of activities that fit with their age and ability. Locate parks and playgrounds in your neighbourhood and visit them often.
  • Embrace the weather. Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity.
Date of creation: August 1, 2011
Last modified on: February 8, 2018


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