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Pregnancy is an exciting time with many changes and you will no doubt have lots of questions. Whether you are planning a pregnancy, are already pregnant or you've just had your baby, you'll find lots of useful information here to help you through your journey into parenthood.

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Are you pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or breastfeeding? It’s important that you receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For individuals who are pregnant, it’s recommended that you be vaccinated as soon as possible, at any stage of your pregnancy. Learn more →


Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Vaccination in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Decision-Making Tool

Download the Decision-Making Tool

Date of creation: February 28, 2013
Last modified on: April 4, 2024

Online Prenatal Education

Online Prenatal Education

Learn about pregnancy, birth and new baby care online! Free for residents of London and Middlesex.

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