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Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely

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To protect your loved ones, keep gatherings small this year and make sure everyone is vaccinated. The Delta variant is still circualting; bringing extended family members together around the dinner table indoors carries a higher risk.

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Celebrate with the members of your household and invite others to join you virtually


Connect virtually (e.g. have guests join dinner virtually)
Call loved ones
With fewer people at dinner, switch it up this year (don’t cook the traditional Thanksgiving dinner)


Keep outdoor gatherings small and ensure everyone is vaccinated


Bring your own food and don’t share (better option) OR have one person serve the food
Maintain two metres of physical distance from anyone who isn’t part of your immediate household
Wear a mask, especially if you can’t maintain two metres of distance from others


Any large indoor or outdoor gatherings are among the least safe options at Thanksgiving


Participating in any gatherings where physical distancing can’t be maintained
Inviting a large number of guests into your home
Gathering with anyone who is unvaccinated
Sharing food or drink

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