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Alcohol and Other Drugs – Videos

Please watch the following videos which discuss topics such as addiction and treatment, drugs, energy drinks, impaired driving,  sexual health, and more.


Addiction and Treatment

Please watch Addiction is Complicated. Substances – alcohol, drugs, inhalants. Gambling – online, casino, track.  Compulsion – shopping, stealing, sex. There’s no one easy answer, but you can start. You decide. Addiction Services of Thames Valley can help. Linked with permission from  Addiction Services of Thames Valley.


  • screenshot of videoAddiction is Complicated
    Substances – alcohol, drugs, inhalants. Gambling – online, casino, track. Compulsion – shopping, stealing, sex. There’s no one easy answer, but you can start.
  • treatment videoTreatment is Your Choice
    It’s your decision to start treatment - no matter the circumstances. Recovery is a process. Take your time. Addiction Services of Thames Valley can help you get started.


Please watch Path of the Pill. Linked with permission from the Partnership for a Drug Free Canada. Did you know? The #1 place youth get prescriptions drugs is from a family member’s or friend’s medicine cabinet.


  • screenshot of videoPath of the Pill
    Youth are a particularly vulnerable population for prescription abuse and the #1 place they get these drugs is from a family member’s or friend’s medicine cabinet. Make sure you dispose of unused or expired medications at your local pharmacy and lock up any medications that are in your home.

Energy Drinks

Watch our 4-part video series on energy drinks. In these videos you’ll find out more about Alcohol and Energy Drinks, Caffeine Crashes and Energy Drinks, Exercise and Energy Drinks and Sugar and Energy Drinks

  • screenshot of videoEnergy Drinks
    These videos were written and produced by our Health Unit Youth Leaders, with support from Health Unit staff to show some of the issues with energy drinks.

Impaired Driving

Watch theses videos that show the consequences of impaired driving.
Linked with permission from the Texas Department of Transportation and arrive alive DRIVE SOBER.


  • screenshot of videoHappy Hour Fail
    Thinking about Drinking and Driving? Think again! If you get charged with impaired driving, jail is only one of many problems that you may face. See what happens next. 
  • screenshot of videoThe Sober Truth About Driving High
    Drugs and Driving don’t mix. Remember that driving a vehicle while high can pose just as big of a risk as drinking and driving. The police have the authority, ability, and tools to determine if you are impaired by legal or illegal drugs. 
  • screenshot of video(en français) The Sober Truth About Driving High 


Rethink Your Drinking

When it comes to alcohol, drinking is a personal choice, and the majority of people drink responsibly. We're not asking you to stop drinking … instead we want you to Rethink Your Drinking, and gradually reduce the amount of alcohol you consume as part of a healthy lifestyle. For more information, please visit:



Sexual Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • screenshot of gameAdventures in Sex City Game
    Check out the Adventures in Sex City Game! In Part 2 of the game, you can test your knowledge and learn the facts about substance misuse and sexual health. So go ahead and play!

Talking to Your Kids

Watch our “Talking to your Teens about Alcohol and Other Drugs” 6-part video series to learn about talking to your teen, factors that put your teen at risk, signs of alcohol and other drug use, what to do if you suspect your teen is using alcohol, and setting boundaries.

Watch all of the Parenting Teenagers Video series.


  • screenshot of videoTalking with Teens About Drugs & Alcohol
    In this video series, we discuss reasons youth use substances, signs they are using and what parents can do when their children are drug involved. It’s important for parents to talk to their children early and often about this important subject and discuss boundaries and consequences.


There Is No Magic Goat

Think a night of drinking is no big deal, 'cause the magic goat's going to save your butt? Think again. For more information about alcohol and other drugs, please visit:




Youth in our community were challenged to develop video PSAs with a “safer partying” message including understanding the negative consequences of alcohol and other drugs, understanding the laws and liability for hosting a party, creating healthy relationships, choosing to be sober and in control, safe and sober ways home from a party.


Date of creation: March 1, 2013
Last modified on: July 19, 2023

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