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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Board of Health

The Board of Health for the Middlesex-London Health Unit is made up of Municipal and Provincial Representatives. The Board is comprised of five Provincial Representatives, three Middlesex County Representatives and three City of London Representatives.

Municipal Representatives are appointed for the duration of their term in public office, which is usually a 4-year term. Provincial Representatives are appointed for a term; the length of which is decided by the Minister of Health. The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair may rotate annually.


To reach a Board of Health member, please email or call 519-663-5317, ext. 2448. 

  • Matt Newton-Reid, Chair - City Representative (Citizen Appointee)
  • Mike Steele, Vice-Chair - Provincial Representative
  • Aina DeViet - County Representative
  • Michelle Smibert - County Representative
  • Mike McGuire - County Representative
  • Skylar Franke - City Representative
  • Peter Cuddy - City Representative
  • Selomon Menghsha - Provincial Representative
  • Howard Shears - Provincial Representative
  • Emily Williams - Secretary, Treasurer
Date of creation: January 8, 2013
Last modified on: May 14, 2024

Board of Health Overview

An overview of the Board of Health, its role, composition and responsibilities.

Download (PDF)

Conflicts of Interest Registry

Board of Health Members must indicate conflicts of interest persuant to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. A full explanation of direct and indirect conflicts can be found in the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

2024 Conflicts of Interest Registry (PDF)  

Previous years of the Conflicts of Interest Registry: