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Immunization Information for Healthcare Providers

This section is intended for healthcare professionals who obtain vaccines from the Middlesex-London Health Unit, and provide immunizations within their office.

The Canadian Immunization Guide is a comprehensive resource about immunizations, developed for health professionals. Information from the Public Health Agency of Canada as well as vaccine details, schedules, doses, stats, research and general information is accessible on this site.


Immunization Team: Call 519-663-5317 ext. 2330 or Fax: 519-663-0416 for:

  • Vaccines ordering
  • Vaccine schedules and information
  • Cold chain recommendations
  • Specific client immunization questions or records

Email: shots@mlhu.on.ca for general information (not for specific client details)



Vaccine Information

Vaccine Schedules 

We promote and follow the Ontario Immunization schedule for vaccines:

Vaccine Medical Exemptions

Sometimes there are medical reasons for individuals not being able to be immunized with mandatory vaccines. This can include a serious immunocompromising condition, severe past reaction including anaphylaxis, and allergies to components of a particular vaccine. Another medical exemption this form is used for is varicella disease. If a child born in 2010 or after was diagnosed with chicken pox disease, a medical exemption form needs to be filled out by the diagnosing health care provider, to exempt the child from the required varicella vaccine. This form must be filled out by the health care provider and sent to the health unit.

Medical Exemption Form for Immunizations (PDF)

Vaccine Ordering and Returns

Middlesex-London health care providers that have passed their annual fridge inspection may order vaccines.

Standard Vaccine Order Form (PDF)

Vaccine Order Form (Gardasil and Menactra) (PDF)

  • Please fax your order to 519-663-9581 (phone orders are not accepted)
  • Your current temperature log needs to be faxed as well (must contain logs since last vaccine order)
  • Allow 72 hours (3 business days) for the order to be filled
  • We do not deliver or send vaccine. Your order will be ready for pick up at the 50 King St. London location only
  • To pick up the vaccine you will need:
    • a hard insulated cooler with ice packs and a working digital max-min thermometer to ensure the temperature is between +2°C to +8°C
    • bubble wrap or a towel to separate the ice from the vaccine 
  • Each order should be no more than one month’s supply for your office

When ordering school vaccines (Gardasil and Menactra), provide the patient's name so that the records can be checked in the system. After ordering for specific patients or a box, ALL doses must be reported back to the health unit on the paperwork provided with the vaccine (PDF).

Vaccine Return Form (PDF)

  • Vaccine should be returned to the health unit if:
    • it  is expired, exposed, or needs to be disposed of properly
    • if your office has had a cold chain break or exposure, call the health unit for direction before returning the vaccine
  • Please complete and return the vaccine return form
  • Place all of the vaccine and the form inside a bag, labeled with the health care provider / office name
  • Write “vaccines - do not use” on the bag
  • The bag can be dropped off to the health unit at 50 King St.  It does not need to be in a cooler as it cannot be reused
  • You can work to prevent the need for returning vaccine by ordering minimally and taking care of your vaccine properly (vaccine wastage is very expensive)

Taking care of your vaccine

Vaccine storage and handling follows specific guidelines. This is a link to provide you with more information about your vaccine and how to care for it within your office.

Reporting of Adverse Events

Health care providers need to fill out an adverse event (AEFI) form if a client of theirs has any type of allergic reaction or adverse symptom following immunizations.

Date of creation: February 27, 2013
Last modified on: March 15, 2018