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Food Handler Certification Program

The Food Handler Certification Program teaches food handlers the general principles of safe food handling, including topics such as public health legislation, food microbiology and food allergies, temperature control, cross-contamination and personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, etc.

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties and there will be a delay in issuing food handler certificates.


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If you have questions about:

  • Food Handler Certification
  • tests
  • certificates, or
  • training needs for non-profit organizations and volunteer groups (e.g. church groups).

Please call:

  • 519-663-5317 ext. 3903

Why certify food handlers?

To increase knowledge and improve food safety.

The Food Handler Certification Program is designed to teach food handlers the general principles of safe food handling. Course topics include:

  • Role of the Public Health Inspector and Public Health Legislation
  • Food Microbiology and Food Allergies
  • Temperature Control, Cross-contamination and Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Pest Control
  • Introduction to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

To meet the requirements of local by-laws.

Food Premises Inspection and Mandatory Food Handler Training By-laws are in effect in the City of London and in all municipalities in Middlesex County. The by-laws state:

“The operator of a food premises where hazardous food is prepared must ensure that there is at all times, when the food premises is operating, at least one Certified Food Handler who is supervising the preparation, processing, packaging, service or storage of food.”

Visit Food Safety Laws for more details about the by-laws.

Date of creation: January 31, 2013
Last modified on: June 5, 2018

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