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Outdoors: The Ultimate Playground




Outdoors: The Ultimate Playground (PDF 6.9MB) is a physical activity resource for educators, parents, camp leaders, peer leaders, etc. to use with students and children. This resource supports daily physical activity with outlines for physical activities that can take place outdoors at recess or lunch hours, as well as during regular physical education programming.

  • Cartoon images of children playing outsideOutdoors: The Ultimate Playground (PDF 6.9MB)
    Download and view the complete toolkit, which includes the following sections: Get Ready, Get Set and Play.
  • Cartoon children playing outsideGet Ready! (PDF 1.1MB)
    Learn how to use the toolkit, read the glossary of terms and review the games and skills chart.
  • Cartoon child playing outsideGet Set! (PDF 594KB)
    Learn how to make your own stuff, the materials you’ll need and how to play safely.
  • Cartoon children playing outsidePlay! (PDF 5.4MB) 
    Learn how to play 50 no-prep games, including group games, ball games, hopscotch, rope games and tag. Instructions and skill modification guidelines are included.

The benefits of physical activity go beyond fun!

Cartoon images of children playing outside

Regular physical activity strengthens bones, builds muscle, works the heart and contributes to a healthy body weight and lifestyle.

Outdoors: The Ultimate Playground Evaluation Results (PDF 132KB)


Table of Contents

The "Outdoors: The Ultimate Playground" toolkit provides 50 no-prep games, including instructions and skill modification guidelines, clear descriptions of where the games can be played and links to physical activity websites.

Get Ready!

Get Set!


Get More Info and Add Games!

Date of creation: August 22, 2013
Last modified on: March 4, 2015