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School Health - Creating Supportive Environments

Evidence demonstrates that a school’s social and physical environment influences students’ learning and behavior. Creating a supportive environment that aligns with curriculum provides students with opportunities to see education in action. A school’s social and physical environment is shaped by many factors; some can be health promoting while others promote unhealthy choices. The following links provide information on how to create supportive environments for specific health topics.

Examples of Creating Supportive Environments:

Elementary School Example Secondary School Example
Many schools participated in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Water Does Wonders Initiative.

In health and physical education classes students learn about good nutrition, food choices, and fast food.

At Clarke Road Secondary School, the school engaged in a cafeteria make-over. Healthier options, more inviting environment to encourage students to eat at school.

Date of creation: July 8, 2014
Last modified on: September 22, 2023