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Physical Literacy - Fundamental Movement Skills

To become physically literate, one needs to master the fundamental movement skills. The fundamental movement skills are the building blocks needed to be physically active for life.


13 Fundamental Movement Skills

The 13 Fundamental Movement Skills are organized into three categories: locomotion, balance and object manipulation. View the categories and the 13 Fundamental Movement Skills below.



  • Child rolling down hillLog Roll
    Log rolling is when a person lying down transfers their weight to get their body to move with head to toe in a straight line as the person rolls.
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  • Child hoppingHopping
    Hopping is jumping on one leg. The standing leg is used to move the body into the air and to land.
  • Child jumpingJumping
    Jumping is pushing off the ground with both legs, swinging arms and landing on both feet.
  • Person skippingSkipping
    Skipping uses hopping and stepping in an uneven, co-ordinated pattern. It starts with a step followed by a hop on the same foot, another step and a hop with that foot.
  • Children runningRunning
    Running uses alternating feet in a forward motion where one or both feet are off the ground and is faster than a walk.


  • Child kickingKicking
    Kicking is when the foot is used to strike a ball that is stationary or in motion.
  • Girls playing soccerDodging
    Dodging is a motion that allows a person to avoid an obstacle that could be an opponent or an object.
  • Child standing on one footStork Stand
    Stork Stand is supporting the body on one leg. It involves the ability to distribute weight to hold position.

Object Manipulation

  • Woman throwing javelinThrowing
    Throwing involves a person propelling an object with force out of their hand.
  • Man hitting baseballSidearm Strike
    The sidearm strike involves using either your arm alone or your arm and a tool to propel an object.
  • Guys playing basketballDribbling Hands
    Dribbling hands is the skill of controlling the movement of an object with one or two hands.
  • Girls playing soccerDribbling Feet
    Dribbling feet is the skill of controlling the movement of an object with your feet.
  • Boy catching ballCatching
    Catching is the ability to bring an object that is in the air under control with the hands and arms.
Date of creation: July 29, 2014
Last modified on: January 16, 2015