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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and drug use affects many Canadians. Where can you turn for help? There are many resources and sources of support available. You are not alone. In this section, you’ll find information about Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, alcohol and energy drinks, marijuana, prescription drugs, tobacco and much more. Explore all of the links on the left hand side of this page to learn more!

  • Rethink Your Drinking PosterRethink Your Drinking
    We’re not asking you to stop drinking. Drinking is a personal choice. We're asking you to Rethink Your Drinking and reduce the health risks associated with alcohol use.
  • Front page of Canada's Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines brochureCanada's Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines
    Cutting down on how much you drink will reduce your risk of alcohol-related problems. Check out these helpful guidelines!
  • Fentanyl Patch Return ProgramFentanyl Patch Return Program
    Access Fentanyl Patch Return Program documents for physicians, pharmacists and clients.
  • Marijuana leaf Myths and Facts
    Test your knowledge on the #1 used illicit drug in Canada that can cause both health and social problems for users.
  • Energy DrinksAlcohol and Energy Drinks
    Did you know? Drinking alcohol and energy drinks together can put you at greater risk of harm than drinking alcohol alone.
  • Get Help: Alcohol and Drug UseGet Help: Alcohol and Drug Use
    If you've decided that you need help with alcohol or other drug use, there are many resources and sources of support available. You're not alone. Get help now.
  • Play buttonVideos
    Check out these alcohol and other drug videos. Help yourself or someone you care about.
Date of creation: February 1, 2013
Last modified on: July 9, 2015