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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Immunization - School Age Children

Student immunization programs have been going on for many years in Ontario, safely protecting our children in schools and in the community. Immunizations provide children with the protection they need against viruses and diseases that can spread at school.

Keep your kids healthy with routine health care and vaccination
Make sure your child's immunizations are up to date according to the Child and Early Years Act, 2014 (for children under the age of 4 years old in licensed child care centres) and the Immunization of School Pupil's Act (for students 4-17 in elementary and secondary schools). The Middlesex-London Health Unit reviews the records of children attending school to ensure they have received all the doses of vaccines that they require. Clinics are also offered at schools in grade 7 for three vaccines students are eligible for.


Immunization Record Review

Every year, the Middlesex-London Health Unit reviews immunization records of students that attend elementary and secondary school to ensure their immunizations are updated according to the legislation.

Certain vaccine doses are due at specific ages to provide optimum protection against diseases. Letters are sent to families to let them know which vaccine records are missing. If the vaccines are not administered or the information is not sent to the Health Unit by the date required, suspension from school may occur. Learn more →

Grade 7 Immunization Program

Immunization clinics are held in elementary schools in London and Middlesex County throughout the school year. Learn more →


Checklist of mandatory vaccines for school age children

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Date of creation: February 21, 2013
Last modified on: February 25, 2024