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Childcare Educators - Early Years Outreach 

Early Years Outreach is a Middlesex-London Health Unit program that supports Early Childhood Educators and childcare professionals in London and Middlesex County through e-Newsletters, virtual presentations, learning opportunities and online information and resources.


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Developmental Checklist and Resources:

Look See Checklist by ndds
The Electronic Look See Checklist by Nipissing District Developmental Screen  is a developmental checklist that follows your child from one month of age to six years. It provides a snapshot in time of your child's development, and a starting point for discussion with a health/child care professional.

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Developmental Resources


Early Child Development Resources for Parents

  • Early Child Development Early Child Development
    This section of our website is geared towards parents and caregivers of babies and young children. It has great information, videos and resources about the building blocks of early child development such as physical activity, attachment, literacy, brain development, and more. Here, you can also discover information about the Middlesex-London Community Early Years Partnership. These resources are also useful for childcare educators.

Early Years Matter Bookmark

Contact us to order free bilingual Early Years Matter, Building Healthy Brains to Build a Healthy Future (PDF) bookmarks to give to parents of children at your childcare centre. This bookmark website links to our early child development web pages. Signets bilingues: Un cerveau en santé pour un avenir en santé (PDF).


Health and Safety


Healthy Eating

  • NutriSTEP LogoNutriSTEP®
    If you're a parent or caregiver, use NutriSTEP as a fast and simple way to find out if your child is a healthy eater.

Indigenous Resources


Infections Diseases


Mental Health


Webinars/Presentations (recordings)

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