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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Birth Control Clinics

At the Middlesex-London Health Unit’s Birth Control Clinic, the following services are available to individuals under 50 years of age.

  • Birth Control Counselling
  • Low cost birth control
  • Low cost emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing (*based on assessment)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening (pap smear/pap tests)
  • STI/infection checks/Pelvic Pain
  • IUD consultation
  • IUD insertion
  • Free condoms


To book an appointment, please call 519-663-5317.

Waiting Room
We ask that only the person requiring service enters the waiting room. *Special circumstances will be reviewed.

Face masks
The Middlesex-London Health Unit will continue to require all clients and patrons at Health Unit clinics and facilities to wear a mask. Masks will be provided by the Health Unit upon request.

London, Ontario 

Strathroy, Ontario 


Birth Control Sold at The Clinic
$7.00 / pkg Triquilar
$10.00 / pkg


Tricira Lo

$12.00 / pkg

Emergency Contraceptive – Plan B (Morning After Pill)





$15.00 / pkg


Minovral (Ovima alternative will be provided due to Minovral shortage)



$25.00 Ella
$35.00 Depo Provera
$50.00 Liberte UT 380 Short IUD (5 yr)
$50.00 Liberte TT 380 Standard IUD (10 yr)

Mona Lisa N (3 yr)

Mona Lisa IUD 5 Standard, 5 Mini (5 yr)

$60.00 Flexi-T 380+ IUD (5 yr) (until stock runs out)
$335.00 Kyleena IUS
$335.00 Mirena IUS

Effective September 1, 2022, the following price changes will occur.

  • Tricera Lo will be $15/pkg
  • Yaz 28 will be $20/pkg
  • Alesse will be $20/pkg
  • Mirena will be $350/pkg
  • Flexi-T will no longer be sold once the current stock runs out.


  • Loestrin is no longer sold at the Health Unit.
  • Due to the manufacturer shortage of Minovral, clients previously prescribed Minovral will be provided Ovima as substitute.


Date of creation: November 23, 2012
Last modified on: October 21, 2022