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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Emergency Management

Every day the news headlines remind us that the world can be a dangerous place. The Emergency Planning Program at the Middlesex-London Health Unit is constantly working on behalf of the people of Middlesex-London to prepare for and mitigate any possible emergency.

An emergency is a situation or impending situation that constitutes a danger of major proportions that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property and that is caused by the forces of nature, a disease or other health risk, or an act whether intentional or otherwise.

  • Front cover of the Health Unit's Emergency Response PlanEmergency Response Plan
    The Emergency Response Plan is the document that the Middlesex-London Health Unit will turn to for a planned, organized response to an emergency. It provides the resources and information needed by the Medical Officer of Health and the Health Unit to evaluate human and environmental impacts of an event. Due to privacy and confidentiality, some sections have been removed from this document for online viewing.
  • Front cover of the Health Unit's Emergency Response Plan SnapshotEmergency Response Plan - Snapshot
    This Snapshot is to serve as a quick reference and “road-map” through the Emergency Response Plan for the various staff, volunteers and community partners. Having a formal Plan encourages an integrated approach to disasters, and fosters prompt, efficient and coordinated response operations by the different elements of the emergency organization.

Emergency Management

Emergency Logo

An equilateral triangle within a circle is the international symbol for emergency management. The blue triangle represents harmony, balance and calm while the orange circle is the sign of alert and danger. “EM” and “MLHU” indicates the commitment of the Middlesex-London Health Unit to Emergency Management.



The following links provide accessible information emergency preparedness, delivered in American Sign Language, Braille, and Large Print: 

Date of creation: May 27, 2013
Last modified on: July 15, 2016