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Be Safe Be Smart

Cyclists must follow the rules of the road because bicycles are considered vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Parents and caregivers need to make their children feel safe and teach them how to ride their bike off the roads. Children under 9 years of age should have an adult with them when cycling.

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Safety Tips

  • Wear an approved bicycle helmet that meets safety standards that are recognized inCanada…CSA, CPSC, SNELL, ASTM. It is the law in Ontario for every cyclist under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.
  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and walk your bike across crosswalks.
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs.
  • Stop for school buses when the upper red lights are flashing and the stop arm is out.
  • Cyclist must identify himself or herself when stopped by the police for breaking any tra?c laws and must give his or her correct name and address.
  • Be Seen. Add a white front light and red rear light to your bike. White reflective strips on the front forks and red reflective strips on the rear stays are required by law.
  • City of London Streets By-Law S-1 allows cyclists under the age of 14 to ride bicycles on sidewalks.
Date of creation: February 28, 2013
Last modified on: August 14, 2017


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