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Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 (SFOA, 2017) prohibits smoking and vaping in the following outdoor areas:

Municipalities may implement additional outdoor restrictions to provide positive role modeling for children and youth, support those who are attempting to quit, and to further protect from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke exposure outdoors.



Smoking and vaping is prohibited on, and within 20 metres of, any children’s playground that is open to the public that meets the following criteria:1

  • it is an outdoor public area
  • it is an area used for children’s recreation and contains play equipment (e.g. slides, swings, climbing equipment, splash pads, wading pools, sand box etc.)
  • it is not an amenity provided by a residential location (e.g. an apartment complex)

Sporting Areas: Sport Fields and Spectator Areas

A sporting area must be smoke and vape-free if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • it is an outdoor public area
  • it is owned by the city, province or a post-secondary institution (e.g. the grounds of a community recreational facility)
  • it is used for sporting activities (excluding golf)

If the area meets all criteria, then smoking and vaping is prohibited:

Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017: Playground Poster

Download poster (PDF 3.6MB)


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For more information, contact the Smoke-Free Information Line:

  • in or within 20 metres of the area (e.g. on the field, diamond, court, rink, skate ramps etc.)
  • in or within 20 metres of any spectator areas, whether established seating such as benches or stands, or temporary seating such as lawn chairs or blankets

Additional Outdoor Smoking and Vaping Restrictions

  • The City of London's Smoking Near Recreation Amenities in City Parks and Entrances Bylaw prohibits smoking within 9 metres of municipally-owned building entrances (e.g. libraries, arenas and municipal offices) and any recreational amenity in a City Park (including picnic areas, washrooms, gazebos, outdoor shelters and food and beverage concessions).
  • The Township of Lucan Biddulph's Smoke-Free Municipal Spaces Bylaw (PDF 179KB) prohibits smoking in any municipal building, parking lot, public place, vehicle used for transporting the public, recreational sports field, trail, path or on any land owned or rented / leased by the township whether or not “no smoking” signs are posted.
  • The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc's Bylaw to Regulate and Prohibit Smoking Near Municipally-Owned Buildings prohibits smoking within 20 metres of any municipally-owned buildings such as libraries, arenas, community centres and municipal offices.
Date of creation: January 8, 2013
Last modified on: November 20, 2018


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