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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-free housing is the best way to protect those in your home and those living in multi-unit housing from exposure to second-hand smoke and the risk of fire.

  • ApartmentLandlords and Property Owners
    Landlords and property owners should offer smoke-free housing. Find tools and resources to help with the implementation of no-smoking policies.
  • Set of keysTenants
    There are many tools and resources available to help tenants advocate for no-smoking policies and reduced second-hand smoke exposure.
  • Smoke-Free Housing LogoSmoke-Free Housing Directory
    Visit the Smoke-Free Housing directory for a list of smoke-free housing available in Middlesex-London and Ontario.

Smoke-free housing is not only safer and healthier, it’s also legal and in demand:

  • 85% of Ontario residents do not smoke.1
  • 80% of those living in multi-unit housing would choose a smoke-free building if given a choice.2
  • Nearly two thirds of those living in multi-unit housing in Middlesex-London support no- smoking everywhere inside multi-unit housing.3
  • There is no law that regulates smoking in a private, self-contained unit such as an apartment or condominium however, landlords and property owners have the legal right to implement no-smoking.4

Despite increasing demand and support, there are very few options available for those wanting smoke-free housing; more landlords and property owners need to offer it!



Public Support for Banning Smoking in Multi-Unit Dwellings


View, download and print (PDF)



Public Support for Banning Smoking in Multi-Unit Dwellings

[Report] Public Support for Banning Smoking in Multi-Unit Dwellings

View, download and print (PDF)

Date of creation: October 6, 2016
Last modified on: January 25, 2019


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