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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Wading Pool and Splash Pad Inspections

Wading pools and splash pads provide outdoor fun, especially for small children. They generally operate from late spring to early fall, and are found in parks or at other recreational water facilities. Public Health Inspectors on the Environmental Health team at the Middlesex-London Health Unit regularly inspect public wading pools and public splash pads to make sure they meet the Ontario Public Pools Regulation (R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 565).1


What is a Wading Pool?

A wading pool is any structure that can hold water at a depth equal to 75 cm (30”) or less at any point and is used for recreation or instruction of young children.2

What is a Splash Pad?

A splash pad is a water play area that has interactive fountains or equipment and has no standing water.3 It may also be called a spray pad.

How often do Wading Pools and Splash Pads get inspected?

As set out in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Recreational Water Protocol, 2019 (PDF 449KB),2 inspections of wading pools and splash pads happen:

  • Prior to opening or re-opening after construction or alteration
  • At least once per year, while operating
  • As needed to follow up on observations from previous inspections, to investigate complaints and/or reports of illness, injury or death, and/or to monitor the safety of the facilities.

Wading Pool and splash pad inspection reports for facilities in Middlesex-London can be viewed online.

Opening or Re-opening a Public Wading Pool or Public Splash Pad

All public wading pool and public splash pad operators must notify the Health Unit of their intention to open or re-open a public wading pool or public splash pad. The Middlesex-London Health Unit requires two weeks notice to be given.

If you plan to open or re-open a public wading pool or public splash pad that has been constructed, altered or closed for more than four weeks, please fill out the form below and e-mail, mail or fax it to the Middlesex-London Health Unit.



View inspection results for wading pools and splash pads in Middlesex-London from the link below.

Inspection Results


Wading Pool

A father and baby in a wading pool


Splash Pads

Picture of a splash pad
A boy playing in a splash pad

Additional Information

Visit Pools and Spray Pads and expand the Spray pads or Wading pools sections for locations and hours of operation of these play areas within the City of London.

See Recreational Water Resource Materials for additional information and resources that are useful to recreational water facility operators.

Check out the Recreational Water Education Sessions offered by the Middlesex-London Health Unit to get information on attending an education session that will help you run your facility the best that you can.

To speak to a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team about wading pools or splash pads, please call:

  • 519-663-5317
Date of creation: February 10, 2014
Last modified on: January 26, 2024


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