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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Pool and Spa Inspections

There are approximately 225 public pools and public spas (hot tubs) in the City of London and Middlesex County. Public Health Inspectors on the Environmental Health team at the Middlesex-London Health Unit regularly inspect these pools and spas to make sure they meet the Ontario Public Pools Regulation (R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 565).1

Due to the fact that water-related illnesses can be passed easily through contaminated recreational water, it is important that Public Health Inspectors work closely with operators of pools and spas. This helps to make sure that public pools and public spas are properly run and that any problems are fixed.


How often are public pools and public spas inspected?

As set out in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Recreational Water Protocol, 2019 (PDF 449KB)2 inspections of public pools and public spas happen:

  • At least four times per year if they operate year-round.
  • At least two times per year if they operate seasonally.
  • At least one time per year if they operate less than 4 weeks.
  • As needed when Public Health Inspectors follow up on complaints.

More inspections may be conducted if the number of public pool or public spa users is high, or if past inspections uncovered problems.

Pool and spa inspection reports for facilities in Middlesex-London can be viewed online.

Opening or Re-opening a Public Pool or Public Spa

All public pool and public spa operators must notify the Health Unit of their intention to open or re-open a public pool or public spa. The Middlesex-London Health Unit requires two weeks notice to be given.

If you plan to open or re-open a public pool or public spa that has been constructed, altered or closed for more than four weeks, please fill out the correct form below and e-mail, mail, or fax it to the Middlesex-London Health Unit.



View inspection results for pools and splash pads in Middlesex-London from the link below.

Inspection Results


Test Kit

A picture of a test kit

Operators are required to test certain properties of the water before opening and throughout the day.


Additional Information

See Recreational Water Resource Materials for additional information and resources that are useful to recreational water facility operators.

Check out the Recreational Water Education Sessions offered by the Middlesex-London Health Unit to get information on attending an education session that will help you run your facility the best that you can.

To speak to a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team about pools or spas, please call:

  • 519-663-5317
Date of creation: December 27, 2012
Last modified on: February 7, 2022


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