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Prenatal Books
A Healthy Start for Baby and Me:  Prenatal book in English for future parents: Written in plain language and full of illustrations, provides information about pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum (Best Start, 2020).
 Un départ en santé pour bébé et moi:  Prenatal book in French for future parents (Best Start,2020).
Beginning Journey: First Nations Pregnancy Resource Book in English for Indigenous future parents: cultural knowledge from Elders, community members, and First Nations caregivers, and medical information about pregnancy. (Best Start, 2019)

Important Signs to Watch for if You are Pregnant Tip Sheet (Best Start)
One-page tip sheet in English for pregnant parents with information when to go to the hospital if they have symptoms of a pregnancy complication. Updated with current COVID-19 information (July 2020).
One-page tip sheet in French:  Voici les signes auxquels il faut faire attention si vous êtes enceinte (July 2020).
Also available in Arabic, Chinese , Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil and Urdu (July 2020).

Labour & Birth
Your Guide to Labour and Birth: booklet in English (Best Start, 2020).
Votre guide du travail et la naissance:  booklet about labour & birth in French (Best Start,2020).  

My Breastfeeding Guide:   Important things to know about breastfeeding, FAQs and where to get help, in English. (Best Start, 2020).
Mon Guide d'Allaitement: French version of My Breastfeeding Guide.  (Best Start,2020).
My Breastfeeding Guide: Available in 17 other languages (Best Start, 2020)
Breastfeeding Video Library:  Videos about breastfeeding

Your Guide to Postpartum: booklet in English (Best Start, 2020).
Votre guide du post-partum:  booklet in French (Best Start,2020).  

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
Healthy Eating When Pregnant and Breastfeeding: Why Healthy Eating Matters; Healthy Eating Habits; Food Safety During Pregnancy; Weight Gain During Pregnancy (Canada's Food Guide July 2021)
 Food Safety for Pregnant Women: (Health Canada September 2019)