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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Mental Health for Kids and Teens

In Ontario up to 1 in 5 teens or kids have mental health issues.2 We know that 70% of these issues can be dealt with by finding out about them early and doing something to get well.1


Take action today to help yourself.

Find out more, connect with local supports and share with other teens.

  • is an award winning site for teens. This is a place where you can get info, resources and tools to help you deal with stress, crisis and mental health.
    Like who we were, Love who we are.
  • Anxiety BC for Youth
    Anxiety...can totally suck! Lot's of teens experience problems with anxiety, and there is lots you can do to take charge of your anxiety for good.
  • Kids Help Phone 
    A space just for kids! Give us a call, post a question, play games and more (for ages 5-20).
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  • Mind Your Mood
    Mind Your Mood is a revolutionary, easy-to-use app that allows teens to track their moods on their phone.
  • MindShift
    MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety.
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You're not new to YouTube so you don't need us to show you how it works, but here are some of our favs to get you started.

  • When I was in High School
    When I was in High School is a short video about mental illness.
  • Beauty Behind Becca
    When Natasha Boshoff and Suaad Issa decided to create a video to challenge the stigma around mental health they had to look no further than their own classmate.
  • Can You Feel It?
    Students said stress was their number one healh concern.
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Getting Help

Getting Help


Help can be as close as the school you attend. Did you know there are may caring adults in your school that are there to talk with you? Start in student services (guidance department). They can get you connected with a Guidance Counsellor, Social Worker, Public Health Nurse or other caring adults.

If you want help outside of school look at these community supports.

  • Family Service Thames Valley
    Family Service Thames Valley helps many people in our community who are struggling to find the strength in themselves and their support systems to meet the challenges life brings their way.
  • Daya Counselling Centre
    No matter what the issue, counselling can help. Through talk therapy with a professional counsellor in a safe and welcoming environment, we can all improve our emotional health and our ability to deal with stress and challenge in our lives.
  • Addiction Services Thames Valley
    If you have questions or concerns about substance abuse, internet, gaming disorder or problem gambling, you will find helpful information here. All programs are staffed with professionally trained counsellors and case managers. Services are free and confidential.
    FEMAP stands for First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program. Only for older teens (16+) and young adults who have concerns with anxiety or their moods. If you believe you have a problem with your mood or you feel more anxious than usual, you can speak to someone at FEMAP.
  • SJHC Mental Health Care: Adolescent Program
    The Adolescent Program at Regional Mental Health Care London provides specialized consultation, education, assessment, treatment, stabilization, and community integration services to teens between the ages of 13-18.
Date of creation: July 24, 2014
Last modified on: May 7, 2015


Jack Project Promoting mental health and wellness for youth in Canada




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