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Helmet Safety

Did you know? Sport and recreation injuries are a leading cause of injury for children, yet these injuries are preventable through proper helmet use.


Safety Tips

Choose the Right Helmet

There are special helmets for different sports. Different helmets are designed to protect according to the sport. Helmets such as skateboarding helmets cover more of the back of the head. Some are single-impact, such as a bicycle helmet, and some are multi-impact, such as a hockey helmet.

Look for Canadian Safety Standards

Health Canada recommends wearing a helmet with an applicable safety standard label according to the type of helmet. For instance, ski and snowboard helmets that meet Canadian Safety Standards include EN1077, ASTM F2040, Snell RS 98, and CSA Z2631.

Check the Fit

Make sure the helmet fits properly and check the fit every time before you ride. A properly fitted bicycle helmet is important to make sure both children and adults stay safe while cycling. Download the 2 V 1 poster (PDF) and learn how to properly fit a bicycle helmet.

2 V 1

  • 2 Fingers above your eyebrow to the bottom of your helmet.
  • 4 Fingers to make a “V” Shape around the bottom of your ears.
  • 1 Finger under the strap beneath your chin.
Date of creation: July 2, 2015
Last modified on: July 13, 2023


Bicycle helmet safety

Download Poster (PDF)