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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Home, School and Community Partnerships

Home, school and community partnerships engage parents, extended family, school staff, child care and family support programs and community groups in a mutually benificial way to support, enhance and promote opportunities for learning and well-being. 1

This includes:

  • engagement and coordination of services, expertise and resources that are available within the school and local community (e.g., school council, student council, other schools and school boards, child care and family support programs within the school and broader community, Children’s Aid Societies, youth outreach workers, parole officers, public health units, hospitals, community health centres, Local Health Integration Networks, police and fire services, local social services and clubs, recreation and sports groups, municipalities, universities and colleges, local businesses, not-for-profit organizations);
  • engagement and coordination of services, expertise and resources that are available outside the school and local community (e.g., regional, provincial or national organizations)
Date of creation: April 9, 2015
Last modified on: August 1, 2017


1Foundations for a Healty School, Ministry of Education, Retrieved from