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Early Child Development - Attachment




Parent-child attachment starts during pregnancy and develops in the first year of life and continues to develop throughout your child’s life. Attachment is the emotional connection and relationship between you and your child. Your baby was born with the ability to tell you when they need you. How you respond to those cries, coos, tears, smiles and other cues for attention, shapes the type of attachment relationship you and your baby have.1


Why is attachment important?

Attachment is directly linked to long-term emotional health. Secure attachment between you and your child promotes healthy development and plays an important role in their ability to develop healthy relationships later in life.

  • Prenatal AttachmentPrenatal Attachment
    Attachment with your baby starts before your baby is born and helps to improve your relationship with your baby and your baby’s mental and emotional well-being!
  • Skin-to-SkinSkin-to-Skin

    Skin-to-skin is the healthiest place to begin. Babies love skin-to-skin contact. Your bare chest is the best place for your baby to adjust to life outside the womb.

  • Connecting with Your ChildConnecting with Your Child
    Connecting with your child and building a healthy relationship is an important part of parenting. Your preschooler is learning independence and beginning to explore their environment independently.


Research has shown that secure attachment can help your child be better able to learn and cope with stress; feel confident, understand and share their feelings and have fewer behaviour problems. Insecure and disorganized attachment put children at increasing risk of problem behaviours and poor physical and mental health. Some examples include preschool and school-aged aggression, difficulty understanding and managing their emotions, and depression.1

Date of creation: December 9, 2014
Last modified on: December 3, 2015

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Building Healthy Brains to Build a Healthy Future

Building Healthy Brains to Build a Healthy Future


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