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Planning a Pregnancy

It’s a big decision to have a baby and there are lots of things to consider. Many people worry about having enough money, time and space to grow their family. Only you can answer these questions.


Speak with your healthcare provider

A conversation with your healthcare provider is a great place to start.

  • Lifestyle changes: coffee habit, smoking, cannabis use, alcohol use, medications, weight
  • Fertility issues
  • When to stop birth control
  • Past obstetrical history
  • Any stress, anxiety or mental health concerns
  • You and your partner's health
  • When to start folic acid and so  much more

Make your plan

Many risks to your baby are most serious early on in your pregnancy, often before you even know you are pregnant. Start planning →


PrePregnancy Planner

Got a plan?

Things to consider before deciding to have a baby

  • If you have any chronic medical problems such as diabetes or mental health issues talk to your healthcare provider about making sure you have good control over your condition before you get pregnant
  • Stress, depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues can get worse with pregnancy.
    Find help →
  • Pregnancy can cause changes to your condition and affect your medications
  • Don’t make any changes to your medication without speaking to your healthcare provider
  • Some diseases and infections that are serious concerns during pregnancy can be prevented by immunizations
  • Healthy eating before pregnancy will help your chances of getting pregnant and make sure you start your pregnancy with all that your body needs
  • Follow Canada’s Food Guide to meet your needs for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Research shows that taking folic acid daily, for at least 3 months before getting pregnant greatly decreases the risk of having a baby with spinal cord defects
  • Being active before pregnancy will help you to have a strong body and adjust to the changes in pregnancy
  • Follow the Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy
  • Have a dental check-up if you haven't seen your dentist in a while

Hazards - Alcohol, other drugs and more

  • Did you know that a pregnancy is most affected by hazards before many women even know they are pregnant?
  • some of those hazards are: alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, some over-the-counter prescriptions, some "natural" supplements, environmental toxins, sexually transmitted infections, workplace conditions and more.
  • It is important to tell your healthcare provider about all over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, and other drugs that you are taking as well as your precription medications
  • If your healthcare provider knows that you are trying to get pregnant, he/she may make changes to the type and/or dose of medications that you are taking.
Date of creation: February 8, 2013
Last modified on: July 30, 2019


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