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Rabies Vaccine - Low-Cost Clinics for Pets

Low-cost rabies vaccination clinics help pet owners keep their cats and dogs up-to-date with rabies vaccination.


Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Owners of cats and dogs are required by the Ontario Rabies Immunization Regulation (R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 567) to vaccinate their pets against rabies.1 Vaccinating pets is important as it helps to prevent the spread of rabies.

Which animals can get vaccinated?

The low-cost rabies vaccination clinics are open to all cats and dogs, three months of age and older. Animals must be in good health and not have been rabies vaccinated within the last year.


Additional Information

Contact a veterinarian for further information about rabies vaccinations for pets, or to speak to a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team, please call:

  • 519-663-5317
Date of creation: April 4, 2013
Last modified on: April 24, 2023

Upcoming Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics

Currently there are no low-cost clinics being offered.

Please note:

  • Dogs and cats must be leashed or secured in a carrier.


1Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General. (1990). Health Protection and Promotion Act, R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 567 Rabies Immunization. Retrieved from