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Eating Local 

Local food is grown and produced close to where you buy it. Different people have different distances they consider to be "local" food. Labels such as “Foodland Ontario” and “Product of Canada” can help you find food grown closer to home. Learn about the vegetables and fruit that grow in Ontario each month to help you plan meals around local foods.


Benefits of Local Food1

  • Fresher vegetables and fruit
  • Less pollution from shorter travel time and less packaging
  • Support for local farmers and the local economy

“Get Fresh … Eat Local” Map

Would you like to eat more locally produced food, but are not sure where to buy it?

Market produce

The Middlesex-London local food guide, Get Fresh … Eat Local (PDF 5.4MB), includes a map with locations of farmers’ markets and other places to buy local vegetables and fruit, meats, honey, syrups and jams.

Date of creation: December 12, 2012
Last modified on: June 22, 2018


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