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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Community Food Assessment

During the Fall of 2015, the process to create the Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment was started. This involved 3 phases:

  • A review of existing resources in the local food system.
  • A community survey and interviews with people involved in the local food system.
  • The writing of a report.

Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Report

Officially released in June, 2016, the Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Report (PDF 105MB) identifies specific strengths and assets in the region, priorities for action, and opportunities for food system change. The Community Food Assessment provides Middlesex-London with the important steps needed for a more local and sustainable food system.

Download the full report (PDF, Print-Friendly)

For a print copy of the Community Food Assessment report, please email Vanessa from The London Community Foundation at


The History

Local citizens, farmers, non-profit organizations and government stakeholders have worked together for years to strengthen a local food system for Middlesex-London. Several great things have happened, and are still going on in our community. Below are some of the events that are related to building a stronger local food system.


  • London's Food Charter Development Group is formed.

Local Food Act, 2013

Bill 36, Local Food Act, 2013

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  • London City Council endorses London’s Food Charter (PDF), which establishes a vision of London as a food secure community. Part of the recommendation includes exploring the creation of a long-term group that will implement the Food Charter.


  • London Training Centre publishes their report on Sustainable Food Systems (PDF).
  • London Community Foundation hosts a focus group to talk about gaps in the local food system.
  • The County of Middlesex Official Plan (PDF) includes statements and policies that promote sustainable local food systems.


  • The Sisters of St. Joseph and the London Food Bank join together to develop a Poverty Research Centre in London, a project funded, in large part, by the London Community Foundation.
  • Local Food Act is enacted to help support the growth of successful and resilient local food economies and systems throughout Ontario.


  • February: London Community Foundation, City of London and Middlesex London Health Unit host a Food Forum to determine the potential for a local food council. Attendees express unanimous support for a future Middlesex-London Food Policy Council (MLFPC).
  • May: Middlesex County Economic Development Strategic Plan (PDF) is released, including recommendations to build and support a sustainable local economy, with a strong emphasis on the agricultural sector.
  • July/August: The Poverty Research Centre publishes A Guide to Current and Emerging Practices in Food Security (PDF) to examine the relationship between poverty and food security at the local level.
  • October: Second community forum discusses the development, framework and activities for a future Food Policy Council. Attendees unanimously support a partnership model for a future FPC co-led by two community organizations. The group recommends a community food assessment (CFA) be completed as the next step.



  • May: Community Forum occurs to make decisions on what the Food Policy Council should look like and the process of forming one.
  • June: Public release of the Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment Report (PDF 105MB) and the Middlesex-London Food Policy Council Application to invite those interested to apply for Initial Food Policy Council membership.
Date of creation: October 6, 2015
Last modified on: May 4, 2017