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Your Health During Pregnancy

There is so much to know and learn about how to stay healthy during pregnancy. Some women find that pregnancy is a good time to make some healthy changes. Others may feel it's too overwhelming. Learn about some healthy options here. If you are unsure, speak with your healthcare provider for support to determine what might be right for you.

  • Healthy foodsFood and Healthy Eating
    Learn about a balanced, nutritious diet during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant woman joggingPhysical Activity
    Being physically active during pregnancy has many benefits for both mom and baby. Pregnancy shouldn't stop you from being active.
  • Pregnant womanMental Health and Wellbeing
    Pregnancy, the birth of a baby, or an adoption, brings many changes. These changes are not easy for everyone.
  • Pregnant woman and partnerSex and Pregnancy
    Most sexual activity is normal and healthy during pregnancy. However, changes to your body may cause your feelings about sex to change.
Date of creation: July 30, 2014
Last modified on: October 20, 2023

Watch Prenatal Fitness - The Expert featuring Dr. Michelle Mottola

Please note: Refer to the Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy whenever the PARMed-X for pregnancy is referenced in the video


Telephone Support for Families

Telephone Support for Families