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Labour Pain

Are you worried about how you will manage pain in labour and birth? Find information here to boost your confidence and make the best decisions for you and your baby. 

  • Understanding Labour PainUnderstanding Labour Pain
    Birth is a healthy life process and the pain and stress are actually productive. Find out about the importance of labour pain and the difference between pain and suffering.
  • Comfort MeasuresComfort Measures
    Learn about how to cope with contractions by exploring a variety of comfort measures prior to your labour and birth to discover what may work for you.
  • Medical OptionsMedical Options
    Learn about the medical options for pain relief in labour and birth.
Date of creation: February 19, 2015
Last modified on: February 6, 2024

Learn how walking, movement and changing positions can help you manage your labour pain.

Watch the Healthy Birth Practices Video Series from Lamaze International