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Indoor Tanning

One indoor tanning session (PDF) can increase the risk of skin cancer. Protect your skin and eyes!


Did you know?

  • One indoor tanning session can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and indoor tanning devices are cancer-causing.
  • Using indoor tanning devices before age 35 increases the risk of melanoma by 75%.
  • Under the Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds), 2013, it is illegal for youth under age 18 to use indoor tanning equipment.

Myth Busters

Myth: If I build up my tan, I’ll be protected from the sun.

Fact: A tan does not offer sun protection. Skin damage from the sun adds up, and skin never forgets the damage!

Myth: A tan is healthy.

Fact: Tanned skin is damaged skin. It is not a sign of health. Exposure to UV rays can lead to: skin damage, skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Myth: Tanning is a safe way to get vitamin D.

Fact: Tanning is NOT a safe way to get vitamin D. Use food or supplements instead.

Fake Tans

If you still want the tanned-look, a fake tan is a safer alternative:

  • Fake tans come in various forms (e.g. creams or spray tans).
  • Fake tans dye the outer layer of skin. They do not provide sun protection!

  • There are concerns about the potential of inhaling DHA during a spray tan. Further research is needed to determine their safety. 
Date of creation: February 18, 2013
Last modified on: May 17, 2023


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