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How to Have the Best Birth for You

It’s important to find credible sources of information and learn how to make informed decisions in your care. The following are important resources to help you have the best birth for you.

  • Pathway to a Healthy Birth: How to Help Your Hormones Do Their Wonderful Work
    “Birth hormones can do an amazing job guiding you and your baby on the path to a healthy birth. They prepare both of you every step of the way, from getting ready for labor to breastfeeding and bonding. But some things can get in their way. Find out how you can help your birth hormones do their wonderful work for you and your baby”(p. 1)3.
  • Normal, Healthy Childbirth for Women & Families: What You Need to Know
    “A woman’s guide to understanding normal, healthy birth and how it can improve the health of her baby and her health. Critical information to help women make informed decisions”(p.1)2.
  • Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices
    “Lamaze International, the leading childbirth education and advocacy organization, has used recommendations from the World Health Organization to develop the Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices that support and assist a woman’s ability to give birth. Years of research have proven that each of these practices increases safety for mothers and babies"(p.3)1.

Introduction: Safe and Healthy Birth

1. Let Labor Begin on Its Own

2. Walk, Move, and Change Positions

3. Have Continuous Support

4. Avoid Unnecessary Interventions

5. Get Upright and Follow Urges to Push

6. Keep Your Baby With You After Birth


Date of creation: February 19, 2015
Last modified on: May 16, 2024


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