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#Food4Thought is a school based four-session program that follows a Cook, Eat, Chat model. The goal of #Food4Thought is to build relationships and connectedness through cooking, eating, and chatting together. Research shows that there is an association between school connectedness and improved emotional health, increased academic achievement, and reduced risk-taking behaviours among children and youth.1

All people interested in running #Food4Thought must complete the E-Learning training module to run the program in their school. Training is appropriate for teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, and other school staff that support student well-being.


Facilitators Portal

Once you’ve completed the #Food4Thought E-Learning Training Module, you'll receive a username and password to access the Facilitator’s Guide and other materials needed to run the program.

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About #Food4Thought:

  • Appropriate for students in grade 7+ that would benefit from connecting with peers and or a trusted adult in the school community
  • Consists of four sessions that follow a Cook, Eat, Chat model
  • Can be run in a classroom. Proximity to water, refrigerator and freezer required
  • No stove is required for recipe preparation (electric skillets are used for cooking)
  • The Facilitators Portal provides a comprehensive facilitator's guide, which includes recipes, shopping lists, chat session topic areas, activities, and all other essential information needed to successfully lead the program

Facilitator Information:

What will I do as a trained facilitator:

  • Purchase or loan out equipment from MLHU to run the program
  • Recruit or decide how participants will be selected to participate in the program (if in a school in consultation with principal and/or other staff)
  • Ensure consents have been sent home and are returned prior to starting program (store according to school policy)
  • Purchase the approved sanitizer and understand how to safely use it to sanitize the room, equipment and dishes (in schools speak with custodian and/or principal)
  • Buy groceries for each session as listed on the portal
  • Review the facilitator portal and plan sessions based on the information provided
  • Prior to each cooking session, clean and sanitize the room where cooking will occur, as well as clean and sanitize the room, dishes, and equipment following each session
  • Set up the room for the sessions

About the E-Learning Training Module

Before completing the E-Learning Training Module please ensure you have permission to run the program in your school. The E-Learning Training Module is designed to provide the important information you require to facilitate the program at your school. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. There is a quiz at the end to test your knowledge about the program.

During the E-Learning Training Module, you will learn about:

  • Program design and facilitation
  • Basic food and kitchen safety
  • Cooking session overview
  • Chat session overview

After completing the E-Learning Training Module, please be prepared to:

  • Complete a short quiz
  • Enter the anticipated start date for #Food4Thought at your school
  • Provide the school you work at
  • Provide your role within the school

Following the E-Learning Training Module:

  • Participants will be sent an email detailing how to access the Facilitator Portal where all information to support the program is available.

E-Learning Training Module:


Food4Thought Facilitator Training

Download Training Module (PPTX)


1Chapman, R., Buckley, L., Sheehan, M., & Shochet, I. (2013). School-based programs for increasing connectedness and reducing risk behavior: A systematic review. Educational Psychology Review, 25, 95-114