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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Program

The COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Program allows for administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to patients/residents in primary care, hospital, and long-term care/retirement home settings. Delivering COVID-19 vaccines within various health care settings provides residents of Middlesex-London additional ways to access the COVID-19 vaccine as well as the opportunity to discuss any vaccine concerns with their healthcare provider.


Our Frequently Asked Questions provides information about the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Program. For any additional questions, please email


How to Join

If you are interested in joining the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Program, please click on the appropriate link below to provide your contact information. We will follow up with next steps.


NOTE: Training is to be completed only after a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been accepted between your organization and the Middlesex-London Health Unit. If your organization does not have a signed MOU, a manager or delegated individual should select the appropriate link above in How to Join for further information.

The required training components for the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Program are included in this section. To gain access to the COVax system, individuals must first complete the following training:

  1. Review the Training Overview (PDF) document
  2. Watch the video: COVAX Training for New Users (Includes Vaccine Administration) - NEW October 20, 2023
  3. Review the COVax Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)
  4. Review the Countering Cyber Threats document

The site lead will assign each training participant their appropriate COVax User Role. There are three roles: COVax Site Staff, COVax Vaccinator, and COVax Super User. The following table outlines the roles and responsibilities of each COVax User Role:

  COVax Site Staff COVax Vaccinator COVax Super User
COVax Tasks

Client Registration

Generate Receipt



Dose Administration

Generate Receipt 

Client Registration

Dose Administration

Generate Receipt

Inventory Management

Additional Site Roles as Required by MLHU Ensuring Accurate


Ensuring Accurate


Site Facilitator (go-to person)

Weekly Inventory Reporting to MLHU

Vaccine Ordering*

Primary Contact with MLHU

Ensuring Accurate Documentation

*Other staff can support Vaccine Ordering if appropriate for your organization.

Once a training participant completes the required training components, they must attest to completing the training and indicate their assigned COVax role by submitting the appropriate form below:

After receiving a training attestation, the Middlesex-London Health Unit will proceed with setting up a COVax user account.

COVax Resources

Several resources have been compiled to help support you as you navigate through the COVax system. Some of the resources are general in nature and to be used by all COVax users, while others are specific to supporting those in the COVax Super User role.

General Resources
Video resource for new users in COVAX (includes vaccine administration) Watch the video: COVAX Training for New Users (Includes Vaccine Administration)
How to enter client profile data Client Profile Data Entry - Job Aid (PDF)
How to find your Vaccination Event COVax Vaccination Events (Video)
How to record a dose

Client Immunization - Administered – Job Aid (PDF)

Client Immunization - Administered (Video)

How to generate receipts and delete receipts

Generating and Deleting Receipts - Job Aid (PDF)

Generating Receipts (Video)

How to record sociodemographic data

Sociodemographic Data Entry - Job Aid (PDF)

Sociodemographic Data Entry - Client Answer Guide (PDF)

Super User Resources
Video resource for new superusers in COVAX (includes vaccine inventory information) Watch the video: COVAX Training for New Superusers (Includes Vaccine Inventory Information)
What tasks are required of Super Users Super User Role Review (PDF)
What tasks must Super Users complete at the end of each day of vaccine administration Super User End of Day Checklist (PDF)
How to ensure your onsite hand count matches data in COVax Hand Count Survey – Job Aid (PDF)

How to record extra doses or wastages (including half dose wastages)

Recording Extra Doses or Wastages - Job Aid (PDF)

Recording Extra Doses or Wastages (Video)

How to activate/deactivate inventory Activating Event Inventory - Job Aid (PDF)
How to correct a dose documented under the wrong Vaccination Event Correcting a Dose Under the Wrong VE - Job Aid (PDF)
How to correct a dose documented under the wrong Lot Number Correcting a Dose Under the Wrong Lot Number - Job Aid (PDF)

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

This section is a collection of resources specific to storing, handling, and administering COVID-19 vaccines in primary care, hospital, and long-term care/retirement home settings.

General COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Forms

Who to Contact
OR call 519-663-5317 x9013 Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm

For questions related to:

  • The COVax system (logging on, navigating, documentation, etc.)
  • The weekly Hand Count Survey

For questions related to:

  • Ordering COVID-19 vaccine (scheduling drop-off, amount of vaccine, etc.)
  • The MLHU Vaccine Ordering App

For questions related to:

  • Your contractual agreement with MLHU
  • The training and onboarding process
  • Registering or removing staff to your agreement

Call 519-663-5317 to speak with a nurse

For questions related to:

To download a print-ready file of MLHU's contact information, please click the link below.

Download PDF

Date of creation: December 21, 2021
Last modified on: October 22, 2023