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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Health Unit Works with LHSC as COVID-19 Outbreak Expands at University Hospital

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit is working closely with officials at London Health Sciences Centre’s University Hospital to manage a significant outbreak among staff and patients. An outbreak on the fourth floor that was declared on November 10th has been expanded today to include all medical floors at the hospital.

Of the 18 new COVID-19 cases being reported by the Health Unit today, 10 have been linked to this outbreak. In all, there have been 34 cases associated with the outbreak including 16 cases among hospital staff, 18 cases among patients and one death. Additionally, there are currently six cases associated with a smaller, second outbreak on the ninth floor at University Hospital.

Extensive outbreak measures are currently in place, and the Health Unit is working with LHSC administration and the hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control Team to determine why ongoing transmission is occurring and to identify additional steps that will be needed to prevent further COVID-19 infections.

“The situation at University Hospital is alarming and additional measures are being implemented to ensure that more people don’t become sick,” says Dr. Chris Mackie, Medical Officer of Health with the Middlesex-London Health Unit. “This is a reminder that COVID can and will strike anywhere if we let our guard down.”

Among the steps being taken as a result of the expansion of the outbreak at University Hospital, the Health Unit has made the following recommendations:

  • Discontinue admissions to all medical floors at University Hospital for the next seven days (decision to be reassessed within 48 hours depending on evidence of ongoing transmission).
  • Test all patients and all staff on all medical floors.
  • Mask all patients and all staff on all medical floors at all times.
  • Work quarantine for appropriate staff, such that they are not in close contact with anyone in the community.
  • Ensure that a majority of staff who are working on the fourth floor are not working elsewhere in the hospital.

The Health Unit will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Media Contact:
Dan Flaherty, Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit, 519-663-5317, extension 2469 or 519-617-0570 (cell)

Dr. Chris Mackie, Medical Officer of Health, Middlesex-London Health Unit


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