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Healthy People, Healthy Communities - 2018 Provincial Election

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The provincial government plays an important role in shaping policies that impact both individual and community health. Public policies set by the provincial government can influence the social determinants of health and the physical environment where we are born, live, learn, play, work and age.

The provincial election date of June 7 is quickly approaching, but even if you are first time voter or are choosing to vote for the first time, you have time to ask questions and to think about how provincial policies impact your lives.

Make your vote count

Are You Registered to Vote?

Check to see if you are registered and learn how to vote at Elections Ontario.

How Can You Make Your Vote Count in the 2018 Provincial Election?

The provincial government makes many decisions and sets provincial policy that affect our health. The social determinants of health, such as food access, income, housing and employment are strongly influenced by policy decisions.

During the 2018 provincial election, we have an opportunity to look beyond issues related to health care services, and to think about the role that the provincial government plays in shaping the policies that impact all aspects of our lives.

Between now and the provincial election on June 7, learn about candidate positions on public health issues that are of importance to you and make the most of your opportunity to cast a ballot.

Resources to Help You to Make an Informed Decision

Healthy People, Healthy Communities: Public Health Policy Statements on Public Health Issues
The Middlesex-London Health Unit has compiled a quick guide with proposed strategies and policy actions to address Food Insecurity, Healthy Eating, Tobacco, Cannabis and Alcohol.

Download (PDF)

Prevention Matters: Why Ontario Needs a Chronic Disease Prevention Strategy
The Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance calls on all political parties in Ontario to commit to developing, and supporting with adequate funding, a comprehensive provincial chronic disease prevention strategy.

Download (PDF)

Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) Public Health Issues of Concern for the 2018 Ontario Election
alPHa compiled a package of key messages and public health policy priorities. Specific asks were made concerning The Tobacco End Game, Oral Health for Adults, Universal Pharmacare, Cannabis Legalization and an Opioids Strategy

Download (PDF)

Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) No Money for Food is Cent$less - Call for Action
ODPH profile the issue of food insecurity – not having enough money to buy food – and explain why income solutions, such as a basic income guarantee, a living wage and social assistance rates geared to the real cost of living are needed.

Learn more

Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) Alcohol Working Group – Provincial Alcohol Strategy Infographic
The OPHA's Alcohol Working Group outline the need for a provincial alcohol strategy.

Download (PDF)

OPHA's Summary of Health-Related Commitments by Four-Leading Political Parties
The OPHA's chart outlines four party platforms on health and the social determinants of health.

Download (PDF)

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