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Celebrate Halloween Safely - Tips and Tricks

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There are risks to Halloween this year due to COVID-19, so we need to celebrate carefully. When making your plans, think about ways to reduce your risks. Here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions for a safe and spook-tacular Halloween.


Staying home with members of your household


  • Have a virtual costume party.
  • Have a Halloween Hunt - think Easter Egg Hunt, but Halloween treats. Hide them throughout your home for your children to find.
  • Get some favourite treats and watch a spooky movie together.
  • Decorate your home inside and out. 

If you are trick-or-treating

  • Stay home if you're sick (even mild symptoms).
  • Only trick-or-treat outside.
  • Wear a mask at all times and use hand sanitizer often.
  • Only go out with members of your household and stay two metres apart from everyone else.
  • Avoid crowding (e.g. on sidewalks, at doors, chatting with other parents while waiting for children).
  • Stay in your neighbourhood and go to fewer houses.
  • Respect houses that signal they are not participating in trick-or-treating (e.g. their lights are off, they've posted a sign, etc.)

If you are handing out treats

  • Do not hand out treats if you're sick (even mild symptoms).
  • Wear a mask at all times and use hand sanitizer often.
  • Do not hand treats directly to trick-or-treaters. Use an object to hand out treats so you maintain two metres distance. Get creative! Use a hockey stick, a witch's broom, or slide the treat down a tube.
  • Consider placing individual treats outside (e.g. along your laneway, porch, front lawn, etc.) for trick-or-treaters to take without having to get too close to anyone else or touch other treats.
  • Do not put out a bowl full of treats for trick-or-treaters to take from that requires them to touch multiple treats.
  • Encourage trick-or-treaters to keep two metres apart from each other using markers on the ground. How about spacing pumpkins two metres apart or posting a spooky sign?
  • If possible, avoid having trick-or-treaters come up to your door by staying outside. If not possible, sanitize high-touch surfaces like your doorbell frequently.

Gathering inside or coming into close contact with anyone who is not part of your household.

  • Do not have in-person Halloween parties - take it virtual.
  • Do not go outside or hand out treats if you're sick (even mild symptoms).
  • Do not go trick-or-treating with anyone who is not part of your household.
  • Do not gather with anyone outside of your household (e.g. on sidewalks, while walking, while waiting to get treats).

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