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Abundance of Moderna Ready to be Delivered at COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

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The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) is reaching out to residents who have yet to receive a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine and asking that they consider choosing the Moderna vaccine. Since July 1st, the Health Unit has administered more than 81,000 doses of Moderna and received 24,256 doses of the vaccine in the same time frame. Because the number of vaccinations has declined over the last two weeks, the Health Unit and its partners currently have an excess of 21,300 doses of thawed Moderna vaccine in fridges that needs to be used by August 12th. This vaccine is above and beyond the doses already allocated to those with appointments to receive a second dose of Moderna. Vaccine that is removed from freezers and thawed must be used within 30 days.

The MLHU is aligned with other Ontario public health units, as well as Health Canada, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), on the interchangeability of mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna. Because the two vaccines combat the novel coronavirus in the same way and have the same key components, the vaccines can be mixed without concern. With interchangeability at the foundation of its vaccination program, the Health Unit is hoping that those who visit its clinics over the next few weeks will be willing to receive Moderna, so the vaccine that is ready and on-hand can be put to good use in the fight against COVID-19.

“We have an abundance of vaccine that is safe, effective and ready to be put in arms right now, but because it is no longer frozen, we need to make sure it is used by August 12th. We want as many people as possible to be protected against COVID-19 as quickly as we can and this supply of Moderna allows us to do that,” says Dr. Chris Mackie, Medical Officer of Health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit. “We don’t want this vaccine to go to waste, so we are asking people who aren’t fully vaccinated to join us in the fight against COVID-19 and consider receiving a first or second dose of Moderna.”

As of last Saturday, 643,013 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in London and Middlesex County through mass and walk-in vaccination clinics, as well as through pharmacies and primary care settings. The latest vaccination data from the MLHU also shows that of all those over the age of 12 in the Middlesex-London region, 80.1% had received at least one dose of vaccine and 62.8% had received both doses.

For a complete list of the COVID-19 vaccination options available in London and Middlesex County, please visit

Please note that two of the COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics, the North London Optimist Community Centre Vaccination Clinic and the Earl Nichols Recreation Centre Vaccination Clinic will be closed for the Civic Holiday weekend (July 31st, through August 2nd) and will reopen with reduced hours on Tuesday, August 3rd.

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Dan Flaherty, Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit,
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Dr. Chris Mackie, Medical Officer of Health, Middlesex-London Health Unit

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