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Health Unit Announces Rebookings Will Also Open Thursday For Those Who Received First Vaccine Before April 18th

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In addition to inviting those over the age of 70 to rebook their second dose COVID-19 vaccination dates starting Thursday, the Middlesex-London Health Unit will also open second dose rebooking to anyone who received their first dose of vaccine before April 18th.

The announcement applies to those of any age who received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine before April 18th, whether at an MLHU mass vaccination clinic or elsewhere. This afternoon’s announcement will bring the Health Unit in line with the statement made late last week by the Provincial Government.

The Health Unit is also reminding the community that anyone who used the same email address or cell phone number to book a first dose appointment for more than one person will need to call the Appointment Booking Phone Line at 226-289-3560 to re-book a new second dose appointment. Second dose appointments cannot be re-booked online when the same contact information was used to book multiple appointments.

Due to high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine and given that residents have been able to book vaccination appointments up to four weeks in advance, the number of appointments that will be available on or before Thursday, June 21st will be limited. However, each morning approximately 3,500 additional appointments are made available.

In addition to offering rescheduled second dose booking for most seniors this week, anyone who received their first dose of vaccine in another setting or region and needs to book their second dose in the next four weeks, will be able to do so as well. This includes those who received a first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and would like their second dose to be an mRNA vaccine, and those who received a first dose outside of the region or Ontario.

For a listing of those who are eligible for a shortened interval between vaccine doses, visit the MLHU’s vaccine eligibility page:

How to book a new second-dose appointment, starting Monday June 7th:

  • Book online at (new appointments open daily at 8:00 a.m.)

    For seniors who need to re-schedule a shorter-interval second dose appointment, enter Gate #4 I need to re-book my scheduled second dose.

    For individuals who received their first dose in another setting or out of region and now need to book a second dose within four weeks of their first dose, enter Gate #5, I received my first dose elsewhere and now need to book a second dose.

  • Call 226-289-3560 (8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday to Sunday)

For more information about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and what to expect on the day of your vaccine appointment, visit:

Media Contact:
Dan Flaherty, Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit,
519-663-5317 ext. 2469 or 519-617-0570 (cell.)

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