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Workplace Health - Policy Development

What is a policy? A policy is a guideline that defines values or beliefs and supports certain steps, procedures and behaviours to guide actions that address them.  Developing policies is part of the process of creating a healthier workplace.

The creation of healthy workplace policies that look at the physical environment and the "culture" of the workplace will improve the health of employees and the workplace in general.

Developing policies is part of the process of creating a healthier workplace.


  • make healthy choices easier
  • make unhealthy choices more difficult
  • provide equal access in the workplace

Policies created for your workplace should,

  • Reflect the unique needs of your workplace.
  • Outline the steps to be taken when applying the policy.
  • be clearly communicated to your employees when created.

Developing Healthy Workplace Policies

Take a look at the Health at Work 4 All! program manual section on Developing Healthy Workplace Policies (PDF 24KB). Here you will find out:

  • what a healthy workplace policy is
  • the reason for policies in your workplace
  • the parts of a good policy
  • how to create a policy
  • how to introduce a new policy in your workplace
  • where to access more information about policy development

Samples are included

Samples of policies that you may want to consider for your workplace are included for your convenience. Feel free to use the templates and add or delete from them as you see fit for your workplace. The samples are provided for guidance only.

Individual Healthy Workplace Policy Samples

Date of creation: February 28, 2013
Last modified on: August 13, 2014