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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Well Water Testing Reminder Services

The Middlesex-London Health Unit offers reminder services by e-mail or water sample bottles by mail to remind private well owners to test their well water for bacteria (total coliforms and E. coli). Learn more about each service and how to sign up below.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit suggests that private residences test their well water frequently, as water supply conditions can change allowing harmful bacteria into drinking water. Examples that could change water quality include: flooding or heavy rain fall/snow melt, well condition/maintenance, or nearby construction.

Who can sign up for these services?

If you live in Middlesex County or in the City of London and have a private well on your property you can sign up for these free services.


E-mail Reminders:

  • Receive an e-mail three times per year reminding you to collect a well water sample.

Sign Up

  • Send an e-mail to
    • Indicate "Well Water Testing Reminder Service" in the subject line.
    • Provide your first and last name in the body of the e-mail.
    • Indicate that you would like to receive a reminder by e-mail.

Water Sample Bottles by Mail

  • Receive a water sample kit, including bottles and forms, by mail once per year
    • when you sign up, and
    • each spring until you unsubscribe from this service.
  • Reminders to collect a well water sample in the summer and the fall are available by e-mail.

Note: Water samples that are collected will still need to be dropped off at one of the water bottle drop-off locations.

  • If you need additional water sample bottles and forms because one or more of your water samples returned a poor result, more can be picked up from a Water Bottle Pick-Up Location.

Sign Up

To sign up for the mailing service, please do one of the following:

  • Send an e-mail to
    • Write "Water Bottle Mailing Service" in the subject line.
    • Provide your first and last name and your mailing address in the body of the e-mail.
    • Indicate that you would like to receive water sample bottles by mail.
    • Indicate if you would like to receive e-mail reminders in the summer and fall.
  • Call the Health Unit at 519-663-5317.
    • Provide your first and last name, mailing address, and a contact phone number.
    • Request to be signed up for the "Water Bottle Mailing Service."
    • Provide your e-mail address if you would like to receive e-mail reminders in the summer and fall.

Farm Well

A picture of a well at a farm


Water Testing Kit

A picture of a water testing kit for drinking water


To unsubscribe from any of these services please:

  • E-mail, or call 519-663-5317.
  • Provide your name, and the e-mail address, telephone number, and/or mailing address to be removed from the list.

Note: Information gathered to participate in these services is completely voluntary. It will be used for the purposes identified above, to provide information to well owners, and for program evaluation. Contact Andrew Powell at or 519-663-5317 ext. 2360 if you have further questions about the collection of this information.

Additional Information

Visit Private Well Water for information on why you should test your well water, how to do it properly, or for help understanding your well water test results.

Visit Water Bottle Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations to find out where you can get bottles to collect your water samples and the locations where you can submit them to be tested.

To speak to a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team about well water, collecting water samples, or well water test results, please call:

  • 519-663-5317
Date of creation: April 30, 2014
Last modified on: January 24, 2022