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Child Vision Care

It's important for your child to get an eye test from an eye doctor.


Reasons for Eye Tests

  • Children with poor vision often have a hard time doing their school work. Sometimes they are thought to have a learning or behavioural problem, even when they don’t
  • Having your child’s vision tested is a key part of getting ready for school. Make it a part of their regular back-to-school routine
  • It is important to find eye problems early
  • Your child can have their eyes tested for free under 20 years old. Eye tests are free once a year when you show your child’s health card to an eye doctor.


Signs that your child may have a vision problem

  • rub their eyes frequently
  • attempt to brush away a blur
  • complain of dizziness, headaches or an upset stomach, especially after doing close work
  • squint when they are looking at far objects
  • move their head forward and make a face when trying to focus
  • blink a lot while reading
  • hold the book far from their face while reading
  • close or cover one eye or tilt their head to one side when reading

If your child shows any of these signs, take them for an eye test with an eye doctor.


Call Health Connection at 519-663-5317 ext. 2280.

Date of creation: December 24, 2012
Last modified on: July 19, 2017