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Tobacco Prevention

The Tobacco Industry is constantly looking for new ways to attract new users. They create new tobacco products, add new flavours, and design colourful and attractive packaging all with the goal to entice young people to start using tobacco. In addition to this, movies, music videos and other media regularly feature tobacco product use. Being surrounded by constant role modelling and flashy products can make it difficult to stay tobacco-free.

A variety of campaigns have been created to arm you in the battle against the Tobacco Industry and their marketing tactics:

  • Bad Ways to Be Nice aims to reduce the social supply of cigarettes to teenagers
  • Freeze the Industry is a youth-led campaign that raises awareness about the Tobacco Industry's manipulative marketing toward young people
  • Smoke-Free Movies aims to protect children and teenagers from exposures to smoking in movies
  • Tobacco-Free Sport and Recreation is a worldwide movement that encourages teams, leagues, clubs, sports groups and recreation groups to establish tobacco-free policies (no tobacco use while participating in the sport or recreational activity).

Be in the know. Take action. Stay tobacco-free!

Date of creation: February 18, 2013
Last modified on: September 3, 2014