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Special Workplace Considerations

Workplaces are all different and have their own set of unique circumstances to work under. Planning healthy workplace programs can present challenges under some of these circumstances;

  • shiftwork
  • multiple site locations
  • lack of funding

When planning the health and wellness programs and policy development at your workplace remember to consider ...

  • including workers in the planning of programs, events and policy development
  • offering programs at various times of the workday – to accommodate people working all shifts and at all worksite locations
  • using whatever resources you have within the workplace (i.e. is there a yoga instructor in-house who would run classes at lunch-hour?)
  • the unique needs of the workers on shift, in different locations and at different life stages

Workplaces that include workers when planning for the unique circumstances of their company will have better worker participation rates in activities planned, increased success with their health and wellness efforts and better compliance with policies developed. Employees will;

  • feel valued
  • feel more like they are part of the “team”
  • be more productive
  • participate in the activities you plan
  • encourage others to participate


Date of creation: January 1, 2013
Last modified on: May 10, 2022