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Safety Gates

Safety gates are important to keeping your child safe from injury. There are two types of gates:

  1. Hardware-mounted gates
    These types of gates are secured to the wall or doors with screws and bolts
  2. Pressure-mounted gates
    These types of gates are secured to the wall by a pressure bar that is attached to the frame

Safety Tips

  • Supervise young children
  • Use safety gates according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Install hardware-mounted gates at the top AND bottom of the stairs
  • Install the locking device on the side that is away from the child1
  • Use a gate that is appropriate for the child’s age
  • Ensure the gate is secure every time that it is closed

Do not use baby gates that were manufactured before 1990. These gates do not meet current safety regulations.2 

Date of creation: March 12, 2013
Last modified on: September 18, 2014
baby behind gate


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