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Risk Management Plans for Cooling Tower/System(s)

A Risk Management Plan (RMP) is a plan that owners and operators use to assist them in managing their cooling tower and system equipment in the safest way possible.

Risk Management Plans can include, but are not limited to:

  • Site details
  • Contact details
  • Assessment of each of the critical risks
  • Operational manuals and plans
  • Maintenance plans
  • Shut-down procedures

Why is a Risk Management Plan needed?

Cooling towers and systems have been implicated as causes of Legionella infections (legionellosis) in public and occupational settings. Risk Management Plans identify critical risks, such as Legionella, and put maintenance plans in place. Research has shown that a thorough Legionella control program can greatly reduce the risk of cooling equipment causing a Legionella infection.1 A Risk Management Plan is a valuable tool to prevent your cooling system from becoming a focal point of a Legionella caused disease outbreak.

What if I don’t have a Risk Management Plan?

Once initial registration is complete, you will be contacted to review your Cooling Tower/System Risk Management Plan (RMP). If you do not have a RMP in place, a Risk Management Plan Template can be obtained to help you create a plan. It is advised that even if you have a RMP in place that you compare your current practices with a Risk Management Plan Template to make sure your RMP is complete.

What is a Risk Management Plan Template?

A Risk Management Plan Template is a tool that will assist you in performing a self-evaluation. The evaluation will bring forward areas within your systems which need improvement or confirm that you are already maintaining your systems in accordance with industry standards.

How can I get a Risk Management Plan Template?

A Risk Management Plan Template (DOC 128KB) can be provided by the Middlesex-London Health Unit. Risk Management Templates are also available through other industry partners, such as water treatment specialists or building systems engineering companies.

How can the Middlesex-London Health Unit help?

Upon request, the Environmental Health Team can provide assistance with the registration of your cooling tower/system information and advise you on the completion of Risk Management Plans.

Additional Information

For more information or questions about, cooling towers and systems, or the Cooling Tower Registration Project, please continue to browse this website, or

Date of creation: April 11, 2013
Last modified on: January 3, 2018




1Cooling Technology Institute. (2008, July). Legionellosis: Guideline: Best practices for control of Legionella. Houston, TX: Cooling Technology Institute.