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Recipe Websites

There are many free recipe websites that you can view through your phone, tablet or computer. The following tips and websites can help you search for delicious, nutritious and easy recipes.


Try recipes recommended by Registered Dietitians, such as Diaries of a Dietitian, Dietitians of Canada Cookspiration and

Try websites that rank recipes and post comments from people who have made the recipe, such as AllRecipes. The comments often have ideas to make the recipe healthier, tastier and easier.

Try recipe websites that can search by ingredients.

Make small changes to recipes to make them healthier, like including less salt, sugar and fat. These recipe makeover tips can help you make recipes healthier while still keeping a great taste and texture. When cooking and baking.

Date of creation: December 19, 2012
Last modified on: May 29, 2018


Eat Well on $4/Day (PDF 7.3MB)

Find delicious and easy recipes for eating on a budget. Add herbs and spices and use less salt (e.g., table salt, soy sauce, other condiments) to make the recipes healthier.


Telehealth Ontario

To respond to your nutrition and healthy eating questions, you may now call Telehealth Ontario to speak to a Registered Dietitian toll free at 1-866-797-0000 from 9-5 pm Monday to Friday. Services are available in over 100 languages.