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Quit and Stay Quit Monday

Many people see Monday as the perfect day for a fresh start; a day to either start or restart healthy lifestyle changes such as dieting, exercising or quitting smoking.1 2 3 The majority of smokers want to quit, however, they will only try to quit smoking once a year, often waiting for a special occasion such as a birthday or New Year’s to quit. Unfortunately, of those who try to quit, many will start smoking again seven days later.4



Studies show that it can take several tries to quit smoking for good, which means that every time you quit is important and helps to move you towards a smoke-free life.1 If you only quit once a year, it could take several years to quit but if you choose Monday as your day to quit, you have 52 chances every year to quit smoking.

Using Monday to Quit and Stay Quit

Don’t let another Monday go by, quit and stay quit every Monday!

Start fresh every Monday:

  • If you haven’t quit smoking but are ready to quit, make Monday the day you quit!
  • If you recently quit and are still smoke-free, celebrate your success and reward yourself. Make Monday the day you stay quit!
  • If you had a slip, make Monday the day you recommit to quit and get back on track.
Quit and Stay Quit Monday


Quit and Stay Quit Monday

Plan ahead for the week:

  • Focus on getting through the next seven days.
  • There are many resources that can help you plan ahead.
  • Anticipate triggers or cravings and determine how you are going to handle them.
  • Reflect on last week. What worked? Did you have any challenges?
  • Remember your quit plan and revise the plan as needed.


  • Connect with your social support network such as your quit buddy, your family, your friends, or your healthcare provider.
  • Remember you are not alone, and having support increases your chances of quitting for good!
"It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela
Date of creation: August 18, 2015
Last modified on: October 23, 2018


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