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Preparing for Parenthood

Labour and birth will last a day; parenthood will last a lifetime! Prepare for the changes you'll be facing. Find the support and resources you need to help you through this exciting time in your life.

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Parenting Style Quiz

Do you have a vision of what kind of parent you’d like to be? Take the Parenting Style Quiz and explore your parenting style.


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  • Married coupleBefore Pregnancy
    There is a lot to planning a pregnancy – preparing for parenthood is one of them. Being a parent can bring many joys, but also many challenges. Are you ready?
  • Pregnant womanDuring Pregnancy
    You may be expecting some of the changes you will experience after your baby is born, but there are changes that you may not have considered. Learn about these changes and how to cope.
  • Teen with momParenting Styles
    Parenting is challenging work—full of ups and downs. Learn about three common parenting styles: strict, permissive and balanced. Your overall parenting style and approach counts as you influence, teach and socialize your children.
  • Father with sonFatherhood
    Becoming a new dad is an exciting time. Your role is just as important as mom. Seek support and take advantage of the great resources available to you.
Date of creation: February 15, 2013
Last modified on: May 8, 2014